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Marc A. Chavarria - Managing Partner

Born and raised in Chicago, IL in 1975, growing up across the street from the Santa Fe Train Yards (Now JB Hunt), I was exposed to transportation from an early age. My parents sent me to top Catholic Schools in the area & I continued that voyage at North Park College where I met my business partner, Ish and became instant friends. My family was in automobile finance so it’s no surprise that I found myself in commercial finance. With over 25 years in the transportation finance industry and a heavy background in operations, I have helped many customers survive the last 3 downturns, through analyzing their issues and partnering with them to work out solutions.  Advancing in my career I decided to dive into sales and have spent the last 11 years partnering  with trucking companies to help acquire the capital they need to grow their businesses.  With my old school approach, we  focus on educating customers on  how they are viewed by finance companies and teach them what they need to improve in their financials and safety programs.  The transportation and construction industries are the lifeblood of the economy and we can’t survive without the hard working men and women who keep our industry alive.  I do my part to help those get the capital they need to make that happen.


942 W. State Street,

Sycamore, IL





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