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Ish Mcghee -Managing Partner

From the vibrant City of Chicago to the tranquility of a rural town an hour south of Chicago, I've learned to navigate diverse landscapes. My journey led me to a fulfilling career, spanning investment banking and commercial banking, shaping my passion for equitable financial solutions. With over $33 million in equipment financing secured for businesses, I founded Equitable Commercial Lending Group, to champion fairness in commerce.


Emerging on the equipment finance scene just before the world paused for a pandemic, I've since guided business owners through securing over $33 million in various equipment, notably long and short haul trucks, and trailers. My journey has been punctuated by years in investment and commercial banking, forging a unique path to understanding business needs.


"Equitable" defines our mission at Equitable Commercial Lending Group LLC. We stand for principles of fairness and justice, ensuring resources, opportunities, and benefits are distributed while respecting individual circumstances. Every endeavor I undertake reflects this commitment to equality.

"Championing equity in finance and life."


942 W. State Street,

Sycamore, IL





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