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A partial list of the equipment we can finance:​​


  • Belt Conveyor

  • EDM Machine

  • Grinders

  • Renegade Washer

  • Furnace

  • Dynamic Balancer

  • Bin Blender

  • Dispensing Booth

  • Vibrosifter

  • Compression Machine

  • Precise Grinding Machine

  • Radial Drill

  • Injection Machine

  • CNC Machine

  • Assembly Line


If you have been turned down for credit from any other company, Equitable Commercial Lending Group can help!

Equitable Commercial Lending Group is a specialist in funding all types of industrial and manufacturing equipment. We work directly with equipment dealers or end users. Our specialty is helping business owners secure the necessary equipment needed to grow their business. We also have a preferred rate program for better credits.

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